Warm Up Exercise - Kenko Taiso

This is for health, fitness and safety.

Undertaking the karate lessons without warming up, loosening up and stretching the muscles and joints can result in injury, soreness and stiffness. However, if done well, they can improve speed, stamina, suppleness, flexibility, agility and strength, as well as a general feeling of well-being.

Medicine And Martial Arts (MAMA)

This section of the website is being developed. It will be dispelling the myths and claims behind the martial arts and exploring what is really possible, scientifically speaking.

This section is devoted to examining the medical evidence behind martial arts. We hope it will help address many of the claims and dispel myths surrounding the martial arts. In particular, we hope to tackle the following key questions:

  • Are the martial arts beneficial for us?
  • Are the benefits from martial arts practice different from other activities?
  • How do the martial arts lead to these beneficial/harmful changes?
  • Can the martial arts be used to treat physical diseases and illnesses?
  • Are the martial arts effective as a means of psychological treatment?
  • Who benefits the most, if at all? Children, young adults, middle aged adults or the elderly?

After examining these key questions, we will examine the evidence for/against the six key areas of our Art as well as investigating what is scientifically the best practice.

  • Kokoro (spirit, heart, character, attitude, 'mental skills')
  • Kenko taiso (health exercises)
  • Kata (set forms)
  • Kihon (basic techniques)
  • Kumite (partner practice)
  • Kobudo (traditional weapons training)