Cost of Training - LKDSA Senior Practitioners (16+ years of age) who are waged


To keep costs down for you, all the various elements of your training (membership, licence/insurance, weekly classes, gradings/examination/ assessments etc.) in the Art are combined into a single monthly 'package' fee. There are three package tariffs, depending on how extensively you wish to train:

  • Level 1: Standard learning (local training package) = lessons, licence/insurance, examinations, social events
  • Level 2: Enhanced learning (national training package) = all Level 1 elements + participation at approved national training events with regional masters
  • Level 3: Accelerated learning (international training package) = all Level 2 elements + participation at approved international training events with world masters


Everyone who is a member of the London Karate-do Shoto Association is automatically put on to a Level 1 tariff, by default. If they wish, they can upgrade that to a Level 2 or Level 3 tariff, but that is up to them.


Even if a practitioner is on a Level 1 tariff, they can still attend Level 2 (national) or Level 3 (international) courses/events. They simply will be asked to pay the full rate for the courses. The whole point of being on a Level 2 or Level 3 package is that you are committing to that in advance, and so the club will partly subsidise/support the cost of your training.


Everyone, regardless of which package level they are on, must adhere to the package rules. Failure to do so will result in a drop to Level 1 by default and/or loss of membership status. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PACKAGE RULES.




The diagram below shows what each package costs and what elements each package covers. PLEASE NOTE: this diagram is ONLY relevant for senior practitioners (over the age of 16 years of age) who are members of LKDSA and are employed/waged. If this is not the correct group for you, please click here to go back to the master flowchart and choose a more relevant group which applies to you.