Cost of Training - Senior Practitioners (16+ years of age) who are Waged (outwith LKDSA)


You are welcome to attend national and international courses that are we are involved with. However, to keep costs down for you, all the various elements of such national or international training (accommodation, training fees etc.) are combined into a single monthly 'package' fee.


This privilege is extended to you, our fellow martial artists from other clubs, if you register as an 'honorary member'.


There are three package tariffs, depending on how extensively you wish to train.

  • Level 1: Standard learning (local training package) = lessons, licence/insurance, examinations, social events. Level 1 packages are not relevant to honorary members as they include local training. Please consult your local teacher for your local training costs, which are separate from the honorary tariffs shown here.
  • Level 2: Enhanced learning (national training package) = participation at approved national training events with regional masters
  • Level 3: Accelerated learning (international training package) = all Level 2 elements + participation at approved international training events with world masters


Everyone who is an honorary member is eligible to choose to register for either Level 2 or Level 3 packages. They pay for their local training elements separately, at a local level.


Even if an honorary member is not on a package (level 2 or 3), they can still attend Level 2 (national) or Level 3 (international) courses/events. They simply will be asked to pay the full rate for the courses. The whole point of being on a Level 2 or Level 3 package is that you are committing to that in advance, and so the club will partly subsidise/support the cost of your training.


Everyone, regardless of which package level they are on, must adhere to the package rules. Failure to do so will result in a drop to Level 1 by default and/or loss of membership status. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PACKAGE RULES.




The diagram below shows what each package costs and what elements each package covers. PLEASE NOTE: this diagram is ONLY relevant for senior practitioners (16+ years of age) who are honorary members and and are employed/waged. If this is not the correct group for you, please click here to go back to the master flowchart and choose a more relevant group which applies to you.